Seniors confused about new healthcare reform law, survey shows

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Most seniors are misinformed or simply unaware about new healthcare reforms under the recently passed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, according to a new survey from the National Council on Aging.

NCOA's survey asked seniors 12 questions about Medicare, the budget deficit and other pertinent healthcare reform topics. Only 17% of the 636 seniors surveyed knew the correct answers to more than half the questions, while only 9% knew the correct answers to at least two-thirds of the questions, according to the survey results. None of the survey participants knew the correct answers to all 12 of the factual questions.  

The survey was conducted in anticipation of NCOA's “Straight Talk for Seniors on Health Reform” campaign, which seeks to give seniors unbiased information on the healthcare reform laws. The campaign will continue through the fall with additional town hall and educational events, a series of “Straight Talk” educational materials and an interactive online “Straight Talk” quiz for people to test their knowledge of the law. More information is available at