Residents, caregivers to protest nursing home under funding

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Residents and caregivers at more than 100 facilities in California will hold crisis drills on Wednesday at 11 a.m. to protest under funding.

During the drills, the protesters will vacate their facilities to call upon state legislators to pass the Nursing Home Quality Care Act (AB 1629) this year.

The Nursing Home Quality Care Act would provide more funding for nursing homes to provide better care for seniors. As part of the legislation, nursing homes that care for Medi-Cal patients agree to pay a "quality assurance fee" that would enable the state to use millions of federal Medicaid dollars for nursing home care to support the new funding system. At least 23 other states have tapped Medicaid dollars this way.

In 2001, legislators had promised to fix under funding by transforming the Medi-Cal system by Aug. 1, 2004.