Reader Poll: What's the best part of your day?

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“It is the unexpected parts of my day that are sometimes my favorite. I love walking through our centers and hearing residents answer the question of what life at Wesley Woods is like. My favorite is the one who answered: ‘Now, I may get teary-eyed here, but I pray to God to go to heaven, but if I don't, God has given me peace and heaven on earth right here in this place!' Now that makes me teary-eyed!”

— Tracy Crump, President and CEO,
Foundation of Wesley Woods, Atlanta 

“It's when I have the ability to help someone with electronic software. It's when I know I can help nursing team members. It's talking to team members. It's also when I can say, ‘That's on my check-off list.'” 

— Treieva Oakley, Director, Health Information Services, Diversicare Management Services, Brentwood, TN 

“As a new addition, I love having the daily opportunity to work directly with such a diverse team – from Marketing and Pharmacy Operations to Data Analytics and Administration Staff. The fantastic discussion that can arise through collaborating and connecting with others is such an important factor in maintaining our forward-thinking culture. I feel incredibly lucky on a daily basis to be part of a family-oriented team that's dedicated to challenging, supporting and helping one another grow.”

— Laurie Thomas, Vice President of Strategic Development, Consonus Healthcare, Milwaukie, OR 

“It's the first thing in the morning, because I have a plan in my head.”

— Karen Page, Director of Information Services, White Oak Management Inc., Spartanburg, SC 

“It's the very end of the day, so I can reflect. I look at things with a clear vision. I like to stay late and see what has been accomplished. It's when plans start changing.”

— Sharon Hawkins Barnhardt, RN, CLNC, Director of Risk, Management and Compliance, White Oak Management Inc., Spartanburg, SC 

“The best part of my day is the resident engagement. That gives me a huge boost of energy!”

— Bryan Welty, Executive Director, Friendship Village of South Hills, Upper St. Clair, PA 

“It's getting to work and seeing what will be happening. I prefer the mornings. The day feels filled with possibility.”

— Allen Pindell, Vice President of Information Services, Lexington Health Network, Lombard, IL

“[The best part of my day is] when I visit the residents' rooms to talk with them. I like asking them how their day is going and if they enjoyed their lunch and if they had fun at their activities. Then I tell them to have a good day and that makes me have a good day, too.”

— Latrell France-Quickley, Environmental Services, Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital, Baltimore, MD