QIO study highlights LTC quality success

Significant reductions in adverse drug events, infections, wounds and use of restraints in nursing homes are among the key achievements recently cited by federal regulators. The good news comes in a progress report on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' Quality Improvement Organization Program.

Among the achievements for participating nursing homes:

• 44,640 potential adverse drug events were prevented;

• 3,374 pressure ulcers were prevented or healed in 787 facilities;

• 6,250 Medicare beneficiaries in 981 facilities are now restraint free; and

• 85,149 fewer days with urinary catheters for Medicare beneficiaries were reported.

Under the quality of resident-centered care and safety initiative, the QIO program hopes to unite nursing homes, key stakeholders and organizations throughout their communities to share tools, knowledge and technology to achieve system-wide improvement. One in five nursing home residents currently suffer preventable harm, according to an Inspector General report


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