Poll says LTC a 'serious' election concern — maybe

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Long-term care is a serious concern and will be a consideration in a majority of older voters' balloting decisions next month, suggests AARP, which released results of a new poll today.

Nearly 3 in 4 poll respondents (74%) said they were "very likely" or "somewhat likely" to vote for a candidate who supports an approach to long-term care where both the government and individuals shared the costs. Unfortunately, pollsters did not define what they meant by "shared" costs or how it might differ from the status quo, if at all.

Only one-third of the 1,500 respondents said that U.S. House or U.S. Senate candidates in their district had been clear or somewhat clear about their "stand on the issue of long-term care." Nearly half (48%) said the candidates were "not very clear" or "not clear at all."

Even though half of those polled said they thought someone in their immediate family would need long-term care in the future, nearly two-thirds (65%) said they thought elected officials in Washington did not care about respondents' opinions when voting on legislation or making decisions.

Conducted the first week of October, the poll found a majority had not yet decided which candidates they would vote for in U.S. House races and just under half were unsure about their Senate choices. The AARP poll is the sixth in a series of nine the consumer group is conducting before election day.