Poll: Public's concern over healthcare costs rising

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Healthcare costs are the third-most common economic problem for U.S. residents, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation. More than one-fourth (28%) of respondents said the changing economy has caused them a serious problem paying for either insurance or healthcare.

Other top problems cited by respondents were paying for gasoline (44%), finding a well-paying job or getting a raise (29%), and paying rent or the mortgage (19%).

The poll also found that because of healthcare costs many people had postponed needed care (29%) or skipped a test or treatment (24%) while nearly that many had cutback or altered their prescription usage.

Experts said some of the most eye-opening results included the findings that 23% said health insurance coverage led them to either stay in the job they had or look for another one. Moreover, 7% said they or someone in their home had married to get health insurance through a spouse.

Pollsters interviewed 2,003 adults nationwide April 3 through 13 to compile results. More results can be found at www.kff.org.