Opinions on healthcare remain steady, seniors lean towards support

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Recent polls show opinions concerning healthcare reform have remained steady since April, despite the political imbroglio that the issue has wrought on the country.

An averaging of polls conducted monthly since April finds that 82% of the population has consistently said healthcare reform is “important for recharging the economy,” the Associated Press reports. The non-partisan Robert Woods Johnson Foundation conducted the surveys and the analysis. The most recent of the polls found that six out of 10 Americans feel reform wouldn't affect their access to personal care, while four out of 10 say it would improve access nationwide, reports the AP.

Separate polling information from the Mellman Group finds that 54% of voting seniors in Maine support reform, with only 36% opposed. Maine's two senators, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, are both Republican and have expressed opposition to the reforms. Seniors typically make up the most reliable voting bloc in the country.