Oh, deer! Surprise visit from doe causes big-buck damage at nursing home

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Residents and staff at a Nebraska nursing home got a surprise wake-up call Monday morning when a deer burst through a window and ran through the facility.

The full-grown doe crashed through a window in the therapy room of Heritage of Bel Air in Norfolk, NE, and eventually scampered down a hallway. Many of the residents were at breakfast so staff members were able to close the dining area off and safely shut residents' doors as the deer made its way through, administrator Katie Frederick told Norfolk Daily News.

Staff said they have not seen deer in the building's mostly residential neighborhood before and have no idea why this one crashed "out of the blue." Deer may be spurred by reflections to charge or jump into windows, according to information from the University of Maryland Extension.

Heritage's maintenance supervisor eventually lured the deer outside through an open door, but not before a few residents got a glimpse of the four-legged intruder.

“One of the residents wanted to pet it as it was running by,” Frederick told the newspaper.

Staff called state wildlife officials to alert of them of the incident and injuries sustained by the animal when it crashed through the window. As for the therapy room, the department was closed temporarily for glass cleanup and a new window is expected to be installed by the end of the week, Frederick said.