New platform likely to help long-term care marketers

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New platform likely to help long-term care marketers
New platform likely to help long-term care marketers
By Erin Dostal recently launched The new platform will give marketers in the long-term care field an easy way to update their websites, said Andrew Leigh, director of product marketing at the parent company.'s functionality includes integration with a CRM database in order to quickly upload information from the database to the website, he said.

“What marketers want to do is deliver fresh content at a much faster pace than ever before,” Leigh said. “It's extremely powerful for companies that are trying to engage consumers in fresh, new ways.” is particularly useful for franchises, he said, because each site can be easily customized to meet local needs. The platform is also designed to make it easy to integrate social media platforms in order to increase consumer engagement, he said.

Rebecca Wetteman, Vice President of research at consultancy Nucleus Research, said she thought could be just as innovative as the Social Marketing Cloud was when first launched the platform in November.

“If you think about a lot of the corporate websites out there, they were built five or 10 years ago,” she said, adding that the old sites simply weren't built for easy daily updating or social media. “What does is bring easy usability to the website management field.”

The price of a site from is $1,500 per month.

Salesforce also acquired human resources platform Rypple. Rypple is intended to replace the traditional yearly HR performance review, said Nick Stein, director of content at Rypple. “It looks a lot more like Facebook,” he said of Rypple's interface. “It's very social and open and collaborative.”

“A lot of companies set goals. It's just this static thing that gets put up on a wall and nobody really relates to it.” Rypple, which will be available this month, is intended to change that.