New makeup of National Labor Relations Board could lead to decisions favoring unions

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Nursing homes should brace for more pro-labor rulings in the wake of the appointment of two more Democrats to the National Labor Relations Board, a news story asserts.

President Obama appointed Craig Becker, former top lawyer for the Service Employees International Union, and Mark Pearce in recess appointments. There are now three Democrats on the five-seat board, and only Republican, whose term expires in August, according to a story in Investor's Business Daily.

Among other cases, the board could act on a pending petition to require employers to bargain with unions that represent less than a majority of the employer's workers. It also could shorten the time between when a petition for a unionizing vote is accepted by the NLRB and when the vote is actually held. These and other decisions could have a similar effect as passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, according to experts quoted in the story.