Mental health measure honors seniors, sponsor says

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Senate lawmakers recently re-introduced legislation that would upgrade mental health services for seniors in community-based care settings. Provider and consumer groups quickly touted the measure, better known as the Postive Aging Act.

Sens. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and Susan Collins (R-ME) say the bill will enhance older Americans' access to mental health screenings and treatment services. They cited studies showing one in five older adults have at least one mental health condition. As many as two-thirds of those individuals do not receive needed services, the senators said.

"I believe 'honor thy mother and father' is not only a good commandment to live by, it's also a good policy to govern by," Mikulski said. "The Positive Aging Act does just that. America's seniors need a government that is on their side to ensure access to innovative and comprehensive mental health services.”