Labor tensions heating up as NLRB approves 'microwave' rule

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CMS releases new RAI Manual
CMS releases new RAI Manual
Provider groups quickly criticized Wednesday's vote by the National Labor Relations Board to move forward with a “microwave” rule. The measure attempts to simplify union election procedures and reduce the deadline for holding them after employees request a vote.

The rule will be drafted into final language for a subsequent NLRB vote before it goes into effect. As expected, the 2-1 vote was along party lines, with the lone Republican member dissenting.

The National Association of Manufacturers blasted the move, claiming it would lead to  “ambush elections” that don't give employers enough time to discuss unionization with their employees.

Board Chairman Mark Pearce countered that the new proposal  “seeks to avoid multiple and unnecessary appeals in union elections, and does away with unnecessary waiting periods.” The board was put in place to resolve labor-management disputes. While the group should have five members, it now has just three.

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