I couldn't live without ... Mighty Badge system

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Michelle Deck, Chartwell Willowgrove
Michelle Deck, Chartwell Willowgrove

When Chartwell Willowgrove Long Term Care decided to do a corporate rebranding earlier this year, it was time for business manager Michelle Deck and others to decide how to replace employee name badges. Previously, the badges given to employees could only have the magnet re-used when someone left. With more than 200 employees at Willowgrove, a community in Ontario, the system of badge replacement could add up.

The Mighty Badge system allows only a small insert with the employee's name to be replaced. This saves money for Chartwell by allowing re-use of the rest of the badge. Deck notes this makes it more economical. “The supplies are reasonable,” she says.

Additionally, she describes the badge system as “user-friendly” and a better way to avoid waste.

“It's more environmental,” Deck says. “All you are throwing out is the insert.” 

Economical badges

The Mighty Badge kit from Imprint Plus gives providers tools to personalize badges with names, colors and logos. The badge plate, personalized insert, lens cover and magnetic fastener can be snapped together easily.

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