Editor's desk — McKnight's Online Expo: Gains without the pains

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If you're like most professionals in the field, you've come to the conclusion you just can't do it all. OK, you're a member of the long-term care community so maybe you feel like you're asked to do it all sometimes.

But we all know something has to give. Time and money are limited and, face it, that dictates an awful lot – especially when it comes to work.
This is particularly true when it comes to trade shows. Who hasn't thumbed through a glossy trade-show prospectus filled with big-name presenters and cutting-edge exhibitors and wished there were some way to take just a few more days out of the office, not to mention afford the big bucks for airfare, hotel, ground transportation, eating and expenses?
Hello, reality calling. Not going to happen.
Well, actually with today's new reality, you can reap the benefits of a high-quality trade show you didn't have penciled into the budget this year. It's the McKnight's Online Expo, something you can't afford not to try, frankly. (See pages 20-21 for more details.)
Thanks to recently expanded technology on our end, all you need to do is spend a few hours (or minutes, your choice) at your computer, comfortably soaking up whatever educational sessions or exhibitors you wish to experience.
People will talk directly to you, an interactive exhibit hall will unfold before your eyes and you will get as much truly personal attention as you wish. No flat feet, no shuttle buses and no getting elbowed aside by the middle-linebacker-turned-administrator.
In addition, think of the new possibilities for your staff. Let them take part in an industry event they normally wouldn't be afforded the opportunity of taking part in. See what they can learn, and learn what they can do.
The cost for airfare? Nothing. Hotel? Nothing. Dining bills? Nothing. Days away from special projects around the office you really ought to keep an eye on? None.
Number of songs you'll miss from your second-grader who will proudly belt them out at her only all-school chorus concert? Well, you get the idea.
McKnight's is breaking new ground for the industry with this virtual trade show. It won't be the last time something like it is done. But it will be the first. Registration is free at http://events.unisfair.com/rt/mcknight.
My advice is to pencil the McKnight's Online Expo into your busy calendar now. Date: March 14-15. Location: Wherever you log on.
You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
Maybe you can't do everything, but this can get you closer.

James M. Berklan is Editor, McKnight's Long-Term Care News