Don't forget to look up

Gary Tetz
Gary Tetz

For long-term care providers who usually only check the sky to see if it's falling, the recent harvest supermoon lunar eclipse brought the chance for a fresh perspective.  

I first heard about it on Facebook, was endlessly reminded via Twitter and text, and ended up watching it live on Youtube. Yes, I could have just walked outside and looked up, but this seemed easier than putting shoes on. Or clothes. Call it my complete embrace of EMR — Electronic Moon Review. 

I'm not exactly sure what happened up there in the inky firmament, but according to brighter minds than mine, the earth may have passed between the sun and the moon. Personally, I think the shadow was actually cast by that lunar-jumping cow of nursery rhyme lore, but that's just a theory, much as climate change or other “facts” are for “scientists.” 

None of this should be confused with the budgetary eclipse going on in Our Nation's Capital as I write this, when ego has passed between logic and compassion and risks plunging the economy into darkness. By the time you read this, I'm sure disaster will have been averted and the government will still be in business. But it shouldn't surprise us that Planned Parenthood is such a hot button in a nation historically adverse to even thinking about Planned Seniorhood. 

Here is my main take-away from the late-September super-lunar mega-blood event: The Interweb is about the most amazing thing ever invented. From the comfort of my red leather recliner, I was able to watch the moon turn dark and red from New England, Africa and Stonehenge. 

To me, this proves that technology can be our faithful friend, as long as we don't forget to look up from our glowing screens long enough to actually make eye contact and connect with the seniors in our care. 

Kind of like staying inside on a perfectly clear autumn night and watching a rare astronomical phenomenon on an iPad.