Camera snags abusive nursing home aide

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As cameras grow more prevalent in long-term care, one certified nursing assistant is headed behind bars.

Rose Dorlean Blaise, 36, was charged with one count of battery on the elderly after she was seen abusing a resident at a Florida facility. The video showed Blaise and another CNA taunting, kicking and hitting the resident. Blaise was sentenced to 18 months in prison for her role. 

She also will be on probation for five years and have to complete a 26-week batterer intervention program, as well as write an apology letter to the man's family and forfeit her nursing license. 

Illinois, New York, Washington, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico allow cameras to be installed in nursing home resident rooms. In Oklahoma, a judgment of $1.21 million was awarded to a family of a resident after a hidden camera caught aides slapping her and throwing her on a bed. 

In Utah in February, legislators moved closer to becoming the first state to pass legislation allowing cameras in assisted living resident rooms. The Utah Assisted Living Association has expressed strong concern over the measure, citing security and privacy.