Baby boomers struggle more with weight, exercise less than other generations, survey finds

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Baby boomers are struggling with obesity more than other generations, with two-thirds being either overweight or obese, a new survey suggests. That's bad news for Medicare costs, and those who have to share limited funding, according to experts.

According to self-reported height and weight numbers of the 1,078 baby boomers polled, about one-third are obese, according to an online survey sponsored by the Associated Press and Additionally, 36% of the boomers polled are considered overweight. Only half of those who are obese are exercising regularly.

Experts told the AP that baby boomer obesity rates are going to push Medicare costs higher, due to the increased risk of diabetes and heart disease linked with excess weight. Jeff Levi, from the nonprofit Trust for America's Health, cited a study that found Medicare pays 34% more on an obese senior than one who is fit.

The good news? Most baby boomers poll say they get some aerobic exercise at least once a week, although only 37% said they get the strength training needed to prevent the muscle loss associated with aging.

Knowledge Networks of Menlo Park, CA, conducted the survey.