Ask the payment expert: Will we need more staff to complete the new MDS 3.0?

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Ask the payment expert
Ask the payment expert

Will we need more staff to complete the new MDS 3.0?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has stated that the new MDS 3.0 will take about 45 minutes to complete. Some clients have indicated that they have tested it and it took them about twice as long.
At the CMS “Train the Trainer”

sessions held in Baltimore in April, the Gold Standard Nurses indicated that it took 17 minutes to complete the interview process. However, the teaching videos shared by CMS and the nurses themselves indicated that they completed all the interview process with the residents. The recommended practice in the facility is for an interdisciplinary process, which could mean up to three people interviewing the resident.  So, you will have to judge yourself whether that 45 minutes is practical or not.

Also, some assessments have been revised and now are many pages instead of just one. I would suggest that each facility do a time study once the new assessment process begins to evaluate the timing of the assessments.
Also, make sure that all disciplines are trained in all sections of the MDS. You might need to have to utilize different disciplines to complete sections of the MDS so it does not become a burden on one person.

Where can we locate a list of available Clinical Practice Standards that meet CMS requirements?

There are a variety of available resources for you. If you look at Appendix C–page 84, you will find a list of some of the common resources. In addition, you can look in Appendix PP of the survey manual. At the end of each F-tag interpretive guidance there is a list of resources that were utilized in developing the interpretive guidelines.