Angst building over schism with RUGs-IV and MDS 3.0

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Angst building over schism with RUGs-IV and MDS 3.0
Angst building over schism with RUGs-IV and MDS 3.0
Frustration was building at press time over what would be done about implementing a new resident assessment system this fall without the companion payment system that was designed to debut with it.While at least one federal official vowed both would be started simultaneously, there was still the “little” matter of getting Congress or the administration to come up with an appropriate fix. The MDS 3.0 system was set to begin Oct. 1 after a yearlong delay, but only part of the new resource utilization groups (RUGs) system was to kick in.

“What we don't have is a grouper that actually handles the amendment provisions,” Sheila Lambowitz of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services told listeners on a SNF Open Door Forum conference call in late April.

Congress delayed implementation of all but the provisions regarding concurrent therapy and look-back rules for RUGs-IV.

CMS leaders were trying to help devise a plan to make the systems work together as of press time.

 Lobbying efforts were underway to get legislation passed that would mandate the implementation of all parts of RUGs-IV on Oct. 1, concurrent with MDS 3.0. One possibility is that it could be part of a Senate bill that would address Medicare physician payment levels.

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