AAHSA agreement could prevent AHCA crisis, Minnix says

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The American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging has taken steps to try to prevent the crisis in leadership that has recently beset the American Health Care Association, AAHSA CEO Larry Minnix says.

AAHSA has an alignment agreement that outlines the role of the board and the organization at the state and national levels, Minnix said. It is a 10-year agreement with binding amendments, he told the press during a briefing Monday at the organization's national conference in San Antonio, TX.
"We're all on the same page," Minnix said. "We created a relationship document that has principles in it we all agree to."
AHCA last month realigned the structure of its organization following the threatened pullout of the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care, a group of AHCA members with facilities nationwide. AHCA slashed the size of its board of governors and cut down on the number of its state delegates. Following the threatened pullout, it also replaced short-term CEO Hal Daub with acting CEO Bruce Yarwood.
AAHSA continues to work with both AHCA and the Alliance, said Minnix, who noted he has a better relationship with Yarwood at the helm of AHCA than he did with Daub. The shakeup at AHCA has not affected AAHSA, he added.
(Published 11-9-05)