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Robert Van Dyk
Robert Van Dyk
Q: Working with Washington officials and lawmakers has disappointed you. Why?

A: I truly, truly believe we are the most efficient and effective providers in the continuum. Nobody seems to see us for that.

Q: Can you give an example?

A: We're not perfect, but we're paid $400 per day for what a hospital is doing the day before for $3,400. How does that make sense? Why is it no one's talking to us, and we're not a bigger player in the overall scheme of things?

Q: So what is the strategy?

A: We have a great story to tell. We need to better articulate that message.

Q: … because others already have?

A: It upset me so much to see hospitals, insurance companies and drug companies all get their private deals cut [for health reform] before the Senate and House even got a chance to do what they wanted. It's like we don't count. But it's a big mistake and I'm tired of it.

Q: And you think corporate America will listen, if only because providers can ease pressures on employees?

A: This is what we do—take care of [workers'] ailing parents.