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Cynthia Morton
Cynthia Morton
Q: You're just starting as leader of the National Association for the Support of Long Term Care. What do you want your “legacy” to be when you leave the position?

A: Where I hope to make a mark is empowering our members to advocate for themselves. I want to be an aggressive and assertive advocate. We want to work aggressively with our partners.

Q: What's the toughest upcoming challenge?

A: Advocating for members when funding could be decreasing or staying the same—and at a time when the needs within long-term care and post-acute care are increasing. We need to spend more money, for instance, on IT to save dollars down the road.

Q: What will be hardest for you?

A: The biggest personal challenge is moving from a role of working directly for the CEO to effectively serving as the head of an organization. I'm excited about it.

Q: What is your first work priority?

A: Trying to read the “tea leaves” for the multiple therapy funding challenges, trying to read what the election in November could bring to the policy environment, and trying to figure out what is achievable in the next Congress, as well as what is achievable with CMS.