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Dr. Charles Crecilius
Dr. Charles Crecilius
Q: How is AMDA shifting its focus?

A: AMDA used to be an organization of medical directors. We see ourselves evolving into a group for long-term care medical professionals. All attending physicians and non-physician practitioners are being engaged to participate in AMDA. It's not all about administration. We thought about changing our entire name, but it's too ingrained.

Q: Why the changes now?

A: Changes in practice are demanding it. There's a relative lack of evidence-based medicine in long-term care. We feel our organization is in an ideal position to do it. It's for applied medicine. Right now there's a lot of uncertainty  as to what (caregiving) approach is best. There's been a lot of anecdotal medicine based on past experience.

Q: What does this mean “on the ground”?

A: We're really trying to emphasize our role of working more with the interdisciplinary team. I want us to be involved cooperatively, not dictatorially. The goal is learning together. We definitely want to break that other model. Doctors should not be the captain of the ship. We should work together as stewards of the ship.

Q: Isn't that downplaying the importance of physicians?

A: Of course we will have more critical information, but the key is how to apply it to the individual. We may not always know that best. We have to hear from others on the team. I think some of our smarter members make rounds with CNAs because they're where the level of care is closest.

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