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Dale Bell, founder and principal, Media Policy Center
Dale Bell, founder and principal, Media Policy Center

Q: You produced a famous documentary about youth culture, “Woodstock.” Your new film, “Homes on the Range,” focuses on long-term care. Why this subject?

A: When my mother was dying, years ago, she told me: “Someday you will do something as a result of your caring for me!” I didn't know then where she was leading me, but discovered her intent. 

Q: Why did you focus on how a small Wyoming town built a Green House campus?

A: I thought that people learn by example. If I could show how a community grows together, takes on a Herculean task like changing how they care for elders and the frail, that portrait could inspire other communities. 

Q: It has premiered in Wyoming and will be shown on PBS stations over the next three years. What do you hope the response will be?

A: We do not expect every community can build a Green House campus, but we think every community can seek out and implement changes in how they care for their elders and frail. Some, on seeing the film, declared they wanted to work in the Green Houses. Others say they want to join others to provide transformative care for frail and elders everywhere. There lies the power of the media to leverage change.