60 Seconds with... Alan Rosenbloom, president, Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care

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Q: Clearly problems existed between the Alliance and AHCA. How does that stand? A: My view is one of cautious optimism. The relationship between the Alliance and AHCA is strengthening rather than weakening. It will be very important to continue to find ways to collaborate and cooperate on advocacy issues.

Q: Is the Alliance, in essence, repudiating the major nursing home associations?

A: Our goal is not to be an association, or a full-service organization like AHCA or AHSA, but an effective advocacy organization (visit www.aqnhc.org). It doesn't mean the AAHSA or AHCA approach is wrong, just different.

Q: But isn't the Alliance splintering the nursing-home lobby in Washington?

It's always preferable to speak with as few voices as possible. Having said that, let's acknowledge the Alliance has been around for seven years and has been a force in advocacy debate already. This is strengthening the Alliance's focus. We want to do it in a way that will better coordinate messages across organizations.

Q: What's your first on your "to do" list?

A: Other than setting up the office, getting the lay of the land. I have to assess what we're doing and how we're doing it, and we have to decide priorities for 2006.

NOTE: Rosenbloom finishes a five-year tenure as president of the Pennsylvania Health Care Association this month to join the Alliance, a coalition of 15 national skilled nursing providers.

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