New prospecting tool helps residents overcome barriers

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Alexandra Fisher, chief creative officer of One on One LLC
Alexandra Fisher, chief creative officer of One on One LLC

A company with a tool related to prospect-centered sales for senior living communities announced it has raised another $750,000. It had previously raised an initial $1.5 million in cash and $1 million in contributed intellectual property.

One On One LLC, based in St. Louis, launched Sherpa, a customer relationship management tool, at the Assisted Living Federation of America conference in Phoenix in May. It announced that one of the first users will be Senior Living Communities, which has skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living at facilities in South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Indiana. More than 75 senior living communities pre-signed, and many requests followed ALFA, the company said. 

Key stakeholders are co-founders David Smith, the chief executive officer, and Alexandra Fisher, chief creative officer, who both retain a majority interest. The company said the current price per share has doubled for new investors, with an indicated market value of the company at $5.75 million. The tool is meant to help prospective residents overcome emotional barriers of entering long-term care. 

“Sherpa is really the combination of in-the-trench sales experience,” Fisher told
McKnight's. Traditionally, sales in senior communities prioritize based around who is a “hot lead,” she said. Sherpa instead helps teams do “person-centered” approaches to increase the conversion ratio. It measures outcomes, including the “time invested with a person in the selling zone, such as looking at face-to-face interactions.” 

Sherpa began installations June 1, and is offered as a SaaS distribution model. Subscribers pay $500 a month per senior community for unlimited users. Sherpa also includes a Coaching Center that can offer access to counseling resources and best practices.

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