McKnight's wins five Hermes awards

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For the second year in a row, McKnight's has won a Platinum award from the Hermes Creative Awards. McKnight's won the top honors in the category of Publications/Magazine.

The McKnight's Online Expo Graphic won a Gold in the category of Design/Illustration/Graphic Design. The McKnight's 2014 Media Kit also won a Gold in the category of Marketing Collateral/Branding/Media Kit. A McKnight's News Banner won an Honorable Mention in the category of Design/Illustration/Graphic Design. Art director Mark Speakman created all of these entries.

McKnight's Vice President and Editorial Director John O'Connor won an Honorable Mention for “The Real Labor Problem” in the category of Writing/Publication Column.

Hermes awards are for creative professionals in marketing, communication, public relations and digital media. They are administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. 

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