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Extrapolation for overpays OK, court says

A federal appeals court has ruled that a government contractor may justifiably calculate the amount a provider owes for Medicare overpayments by conducting a limited audit and then extrapolating from those findings.

Supreme Court to hear case sparked by Omnicare deals

Supreme Court to hear case sparked by Omnicare deals

A recent $4 million legal settlement over kickbacks for anemia drug Aranesp is small change compared to other recent deals Omnicare has made with federal authorities. News of these payouts hasn't escaped long-term care pharmacy investors, some of whom filed their own charges against the pharmacy provider, launching a case that is now set to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Infection detection

Infection detection

Prompt treatment and novel therapies hasten wound healing, but steady (even if slow) is still the overall goal when it comes to keeping wounds free from infection

Likely closure can't stop CMS termination

Despite meeting criteria for "irreparable injury," a Rochester, NY-based skilled nursing facility that is appealing Medicare and Medicaid termination can't qualify for a stay of termination, a federal judge has ruled.

Hospice co-owner charged with upcoding, obstruction

Hospice co-owner charged with upcoding, obstruction

An Illinois hospice company owner was charged with Medicare and Medicaid fraud after allegedly falsifying levels of care.

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