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Medicare doc payment bill doesn't 'fix' therapy caps

The historic repeal of the "doc fix" this week left about equal numbers of stakeholders relieved and disappointed. Among the most crestfallen: Therapy providers who were hoping for Congress to finally repeal Medicare Part B outpatient therapy caps.

Watchdog: CMS should monitor Recovery Audit Data warehouse

A new Government Accountability Office report recommends sweeping government reforms that would mitigate fragmentation and duplication of a number of Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Providers testify against post-acute bundled pay bill at hearing

Providers testify against post-acute bundled pay bill at hearing

A top nursing home advocate on Thursday urged killing a bill calling for the bundling of Medicare payments for post-acute care services.

Christie calls for Medicare, Social Security cuts, greater state control of Medicaid

Few things signal the fresh start of a presidential campaign season better than stump speeches calling for Medicare and Social Security cuts. And 2015 is no exception.

'Many' SNF workers rely on public aid: Report

If rising discontent with wages hasn't raised eyebrows in your nursing home, there's a decent chance it could in the upcoming campaign season.

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