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Dual-eligible future cloudy

The National Association of Medicaid Directors is asking for more guidance on the dual-eligible program and for regulators to "articulate next steps for existing financial alignment demonstrations."

Back to faxing orders?

Back to faxing orders?

Medication order transmission standards changed from HL7 to NCPDP 10.6, but not all providers are caught up, increasing risks, time and possibility of errors

States eye Medicaid hikes

In a sign that the economy continues its recovery from the devastating recession of 2008, most states are committed to raising Medicaid fees in fiscal years 2014 and 2015, research from the Kaiser Family Foundation's Commission on Medicaid has found.

Medicare coverage kicks in, 2 years after landmark win

Medicare coverage kicks in, 2 years after landmark win

Seven years after filing for Medicare benefits for diabetes complications, Glenda Jimmo of Bristol, VT, finally qualified for skilled home health maintenance coverage. The obstacle that caused the long delay was Medicare's "improvement standard," which officials used to deny coverage for beneficiaries deemed to be "unlikely to improve."

Raising sensitive issues

Raising sensitive issues

Wound care gets most of the attention, but ostomy management is another critical need for long-term care residents that deserves study, improvement

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