James M. Berklan

James M. Berklan


James M. Berklan has been the Editor of McKnight's Long-Term Care News and its affiliated publications since 2001. A graduate of Northwestern and John Carroll universities, he resides in the Chicago area with his wife and two children.

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'Open mic' will catch ways to improve transitions from hospital care

Andrey Ostrovsky, M.D., will explain methods and strategies to improve transitions between acute and non-acute care settings in a special webinar next Friday. Ostrovsky's talk is part of the HIMSS mHealth Open Mic Series.

Complainers, take note: This one is all for you

Complainers, take note: This one is all for you

As a long-term caregiver, you get yelled at, told off, put down and dumped on regularly — and that's during good weeks.

Nurse sues facility over live hostage drill

A nurse who said she was not warned that she would be threatened and "taken hostage" by a gunman during an emergency preparedness drill is suing her former Colorado nursing home employer for compensatory, punitive and actual economic damages.

Provider: Judge improperly prodded $14 million award

Provider: Judge improperly prodded $14 million award

Representatives of a now-defunct Massachusetts nursing home say they will appeal a jury's $14 million award to the family of a former resident who died in 2008, partly because they feel a judge inappropriately prodded jurors into an inflated figure.

DOJ forces observation stay showdown

Hospitals have been cast in a harsh light by long-term care advocates recently for allegedly over-using "observation stay" status. The practice can ultimately deny some patients subsequent Medicare coverage for nursing home admission.

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