September 2014 35 9 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

September 2014 35 9 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

Top news stories from the September 2014 issue of McKnight's Long-Term Care News.


Medicare rates will increase 2% in 2015

When is a meager pay hike viewed as welcome news? When the source of that increase — namely, the federal government — seems intent on ...

Surveyor 'help' leads to chaos

An Ohio nursing home says residents became defiant after speaking with a state inspector, leading the provider to file a lawsuit.

Scrap hospital rule: experts

Medicare should cover people who go to a skilled nursing facility without a preceding hospital stay, experts recently told the Senate Special Committee on Aging.

Study: To boost care, empower nurse aides

Long-term care managers would be wise to allow nursing assistants — and residents' family members — a greater say in managerial-type decision-making, authors of a ...

McKnight's adds 8 more awards

McKnight's added three national awards to its trophy case last month following the American Society of Business Publication Editors ceremony in Chicago.

MRSA often lurks in groin

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus colonization is common in groin and rectal areas, especially in men, new research shows.

Common soap may be culprit

Healthcare facilities should avoid "heavily marketed" triclosan soaps, experts advise in updated hand hygiene guidelines.

Rate hike will be only a part of the new Medicare reality

Many providers are relieved that Medicare rates are slated to go up by 2% in the next fiscal year. After all, who wants to turn ...

DOJ forces observation stay showdown

Hospitals have been cast in a harsh light by long-term care advocates recently for allegedly over-using "observation stay" status. The practice can ultimately deny some ...

State News

State News for September 2014

MAINE - The state's nursing homes will get their first Medicaid rate increase in six years after a breathtaking display of mid-summer political brinksmanship. But ...


Success without silos

Minimum data set coordinators should get as much support as possible from colleagues as they navigate data set changes and ever-evolving requirements

No need for injury

Due to dynamic factors in moving residents, facilities must invest wisely in lifts, slings and batteries to make sure workers stay safe while performing transfers

60 Seconds with...

60 seconds with ... Ed McMahon, Ph.D.

Q: You recently received the Mary K. Ousley Champion of Quality Award from the American Health Care Association. What are some of the biggest current ...

Ask the care expert

Ask the care expert ... about pressure ulcer prevalence

I am a new charge nurse. My DON wants me to calculate the prevalence of pressure ulcers. Is there an easy way to do this?

Resident care

Providers warming up to free dementia resource, feds note

Nursing homes are no longer returning or refusing a free dementia care training resource, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Familiar songs ease Alzheimer's: study

Singing familiar songs may encourage conversation among people with Alzheimer's disease, a small study shows.

Ask the treatment expert

Ask the treatment expert ... about wound drainage

While moisture promotes wound healing, what about those wounds that have a lot of drainage?

Wound care

Total contact casting reduces foot amputations, study finds

Those who are treating diabetic foot ulcers should evaluate modern total contact casting techniques, according to a new analysis.

30-degree tilt best for blood flow: study

Different body positions change residents' tissue blood flow and may relate to how wounds heal, according to new research. The optimal position might be a ...

Ask the nursing expert

Ask the nursing expert ... about juggling responsibilities

How can a director of nursing juggle all the day-to-day responsibilities and still be available to the needs of his or her staff?


Nursing homes may benefit from delayed RN retirements

Nursing homes may benefit from registered nurses working longer after age 50, researchers from RAND Corporation say.

Philosophy good for nurses, study says

Philosophical awareness is not only relevant to nurse education but "vital," according to researchers from the University of Victoria in Canada.

Ask the payment expert

Ask the payment expert ... about facility comparisons

What information is available so we can compare our nursing facility to others in the industry?

Payment & policy

RACs return $100 million to providers, as criticism grows

Medicare Recovery Audit Contractors returned a record $100.4 million in identified underpayments to providers between April and June.

Bill could gut scheduling

A Congressional proposal to provide low-wage hourly employees with more stability and workplace protections could hit nursing homes.

Ask the legal expert

Ask the legal expert ... about loan forbearance

We are in default under our loan documents. Will we be able to obtain a forbearance agreement from our lender?

Legal Matters

Provider: Judge improperly prodded $14 million award

Representatives of a now-defunct Massachusetts nursing home say they will appeal a jury's $14 million award to the family of a former resident who died ...

Nurse sues facility over live hostage drill

A nurse who said she was not warned that she would be threatened and "taken hostage" by a gunman during an emergency preparedness drill is ...

Having my say

Redoing readmissions

When people are discharged from the hospital following an illness, injury or surgery, that's often not the end of the story.

Enhancing well-being

I set out to re-examine dementia from a different framework — one that takes us beyond "interventions" and "programs" to a proactive, strength-based approach.


Taking the final steps

Ashby Ponds opens all levels of care as it realizes the vision for a fully operating continuing care retirement community in Virginia

A day in the life

Residents cheer tractor parade

Many residents of the Oskaloosa Care Center in southern Iowa used to be farmers. They're reminded of their past by the cornfield next to the ...

Couldn't live without

I couldn't live without ... HealthcareSource solutions

HealthcareSource has helped Eldersburg, MD-based provider EMA make better hiring decisions and has fostered "healthy dialogue" between leadership and hiring managers, says Ryan Lillis, EMA's ...


mHealth apps may end up hurting consumers: expert

Mobile health apps need more oversight, according to a July article published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

ITUpdate for September 2014

» The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services launched a technical assistance program, called the Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program, in July. The goal is to ...


You're the detective

In the evidence-based healthcare world, you need to become a real Sherlock (or Shirley) Holmes to take your clues (data) and put them together logically ...

Dirty hands needed

Gardening is magic. Gardening is mindfulness. Gardening is therapist, physician and personal trainer without spandex or a copay. And now researchers have confirmed that gardening ...

Company news

Sector's housing stock grows at uneven pace, NIC reports

Seniors housing stock collectively rose by 0.1% in the second quarter, putting the sector on pace for a 1.5% annual increase, according to new data ...

AdCare shifts business plan

AdCare Health Systems plans to divest its senior living properties and become a holding company, the firm announced.

BusinessBriefs for September 2014

» CNL Healthcare Properties completed the acquisition of seven communities in Texas and one in Illinois for approximately $187.2 million, with potential adjustments related to ...

The big picture

They're not all ingrates

It's no surprise that staff turnover remains alarmingly high at many long-term care communities.

Editor’s desk

Complainers, take note: This one is all for you

As a long-term caregiver, you get yelled at, told off, put down and dumped on regularly — and that's during good weeks.


Profile: AHCA's money player

If there's a prevailing theme around the hours American Health Care Association senior fellow Elise Smith keeps, it's that they are constant.