November 2013 34 11 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

November 2013 34 11 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

Top stories from the November 2013 issue of McKnight's Long-Term Care News.


McDermott targets the 'three-day rule'

Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) has introduced legislation that would eliminate a major hurdle to rehabilitation care and payments: the "three-day rule."

SNF discharges tied to income

The rate at which nursing home residents are hospitalized is linked to how well a state provides healthcare for low-income people, according to a report ...

AHCA leader: Progress made

The leader of the nation's largest nursing home association trumpeted gains made over the last three years but also exhorted members to press for more ...

Dementia care cited as 'main' LTC concern

Dementia care will be increasingly at the forefront for long-term care providers, according to a new report from Alzheimer's Disease International.

LTC staff: worst with flu shots

Nursing home workers were worst among similar employee groups in geting a flu vaccine last season, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials. ...

C. diff sources 'diverse': study

New research challenges assumptions about how Clostridium difficile is transmitted.

Personality is tied to LTC use

Seniors who are neurotic are more likely to receive care in a nursing home, according to research in The Milbank Quarterly.

Court nixes 3-day challenge, says doctors should decide

A federal district court in Connecticut has dismissed a case filed by more than a dozen beneficiaries who challenged Medicare's "three-day rule."

Financing reform rift in LTC commission

The Commission on Long-Term Care has released its full report to Congress, but some commissioners broke ranks, saying the bipartisan panel did not fulfill its ...

McKnight's Roundtable: Changes ahead

Top long-term care officers tackled some of the field's main challenges, exchanged perspectives on new opportunities and shared ideas on what the future might hold.

State News

State News

ARIZONA — U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ) has put forward a bill that would allow government funding for veteran nursing homes built on Native American ...


Rules of engagement

Personalized programming is a hallmark of effective, enriching dementia care; providing what's needed becomes easier by knowing habits and preferences.

Wounds unwelcome

As hospitals look for post-acute provider partners, skilled nursing operators must gauge their effectiveness at post-operative care and wound prevention

60 Seconds with...

60 seconds with ... author Deborah Shouse

Q: How did the book, which chronicles your mother's Alzheimer's disease, come to be? A: I started journaling and writing down what happened every time we ...

Ask the care expert

Ask the care expert ... about the high-dose flu vaccine

We are training our staff, residents and family members on the annual flu vaccines. I hear that this year a high-dose vaccine is available. Does ...

Resident care

Exercise program helps keep residents on their feet: study

Mobility limitations are often a warning sign for upcoming functional decline in seniors, and exercise can help, according to new research.

Caution needed with cognitive enhancers

Cognitive enhancers, such as donepezil or rivastigmine, do not improve function in those who have mild cognitive impairment over the long term, new research reveals.

Ask the treatment expert

Ask the treatment expert ... about signs and symptoms of wound infection

Can you supply a good primer for aides and others to determine whether a wound is infected?

Wound care

Rising foot temperature can precede wound development

Does increased skin temperature indicate a foot ulcer may occur? The answer appears to be yes, a new study has found.

Studies take aim at diabetic foot ulcers

Nursing home residents with diabetic foot ulcers face a heightened risk for additional problems, including foot amputations. Researchers at the University of Arizona Medical Center ...


Nurse practitioners struggle to be taken seriously: study

Nurse practitioners are among professionals who are often misunderstood, according to a new management study.

'Prosocial' bonuses at work boost mood

Giving employees money to spend on charities or their coworkers is a way to increase job satisfaction and performance, according to Duke University research.

Ask the nursing expert ... about stopping staff turnover

As one of the leaders in my nursing facility, how do I stop turnover and motivate my staff to improve our performance?

Ask the payment expert

Ask the payment expert ... about PEPPER reports

What can you tell us about PEPPER reports?

Payment & policy

PET scans for Alzheimer's rejected for Medicare pay

Earlier this year, the Department of Health and Human Services released an action plan for tackling Alzheimer's diagnostics, treatment and funding.

DME bidding saved 37%

A second group of contracts in a competitive bidding program for durable medical equipment items showed savings of more than one-third, according to the Centers ...

Ask the legal expert

Ask the legal expert ... about loan defaults and negotiations

Our facility is encountering financial difficulties. What do we need to keep in mind about the legal implications of defaults under our loan documents and ...

Legal Matters

Resident's gruesome death warrants steep fines: court

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services was justified in fining a Kentucky skilled nursing facility $4,050 a day for three months following a resident's ...

Judge calls CMS cuts 'arbitrary, capricious'

A group of nursing home operators recently won a moral victory over the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services when a federal appeals court ruled ...

How to do it…

How to do it ... continuing education

Continuing education (CE) choices abound, and while time and money usually shape decisions, trying to get the most for both is a wise tactic. Most ...

A day in the life

Residents' artwork goes viral

Smile. That's the title of Mae Cleveland's colorful painting that won Best Overall Artwork in Signature HealthCARE's recent "Reflect N Us" competition.

Couldn't live without

I couldn't live without ... Fast World Works inventory management

As the chief operating officer for MasterCare Inc., a skilled nursing management company, Bryan Hornsby has to keep track of all the equipment in multiple ...


Newly unveiled artificial leg uses mind control to function

Nursing home residents with an amputated leg might soon gain new walking independence, thanks to a motorcycle accident victim and researchers at the Rehabilitation Institute ...


» The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently issued the latest version of the Minimum Data Set 3.0 Resident Assessment Instrument User's Manual. The ...


Playing it forward

It wasn't expected. He just up and died. One day he was happily walking the Earth with the rest of us, the next he was ...

Company news

Five Star makes changes to rely less on public funding

Five Star Quality Care recently transferred operations of two rehabilitation hospitals in Massachusetts to Reliant Hospital Partners, marking the latest move in the company's dramatic ...

Advisors draft new Blueprint

High-profile long-term care veterans have teamed up to create a new senior housing investment advisory group based in Chicago.


» The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society partnered with AARP to pilot the "Connecting to Community" program to reduce social isolation. Residents at four Good ...

Business & Marketing

The name is bonds

The cycle of rising interest rates might have begun by the time you read this, which means CFOs should act to make the most of ...

The big picture

An expensive doorstop

It's hard to reflect on the Commission on Long-Term Care's recently submitted report without getting hacked off. To call it a fool's errand would be ...

Editor’s desk

Table talk: You have to listen to the right people

When we at McKnight's host a special roundtable discussion, I look forward to getting to know the esteemed participants. Captains of the profession, they typically ...


Profile: Still answering many calls

When he entered nursing school, Steve Proctor was answering a call to serve others that he first heard years earlier. As a child growing up ...