May 2014 35 5 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

May 2014 35 5 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

Top news stories from the May 2014 issue of McKnight's Long-Term Care News.


Providers' payments tied to readmissions

President Barack Obama signed legislation that ties skilled nursing facility Medicare reimbursements to hospital readmissions, starting in 2018.

LTC achieves antipsych goal

After years of pushing, long-term care facilities have reduced their use of antipsychotic medication for dementia, according to an April report from the Centers for ...

McKnight's awards open

The entry period is now open for McKnight's 3rd annual Excellence in Technology program.

Senators urge tougher LTC survey process

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said it plans to focus more on quality improvement initiatives rather than stricter surveys, but that didn't stop ...

Managed care experts wanted

Skilled nursing facilities could take major hits to their bottom lines unless a coordinator is on top of managed care contracts, a prominent healthcare consultant ...

New method for delirium

There's a new method for measuring delirium severity in older adults from researchers at Harvard and Brown Universities and the University of Massachusetts.

Vitamin D as cognition clue?

There appears to be a link between low vitamin D levels and cognitive decline over time, according to a new study from Wake Forest Baptist ...

Doc fix bill once again is less than LTC field had hoped for

A measure President Barack Obama signed into law does a lot more for doctors than it does for long-term care operators.

Pressure sore stats predict readmissions

Compared with other quality measures, pressure ulcer prevalence is particularly good at predicting whether a nursing home will readmit residents to the hospital, according to ...

State News

State News May 2014

WASHINGTON - A proposal for a sorely needed veteran's nursing home in Walla Walla remains mired in red tape and declining federal funding while elected ...


Adapted for all

Senior living spaces are sprouting up with accommodations for residents with a vast array of physical, developmental and other needs to make them comfortable

Avoiding water falls

Bathing can cause serious injuries to residents and staff; using ergonomically correct techniques and sound transfer procedures promotes safe experiences

60 Seconds with...

60 seconds with ... Doug Pace, NHA

Q: Will the recent Inspector General's report on SNF adverse events put more focus on quality efforts like Advancing Excellence? A: You never know how much ...

Ask the care expert

Ask the care expert ... about regulating INR

I am a charge nurse on a skilled care unit. We have one resident in particular on warfarin and we can't seem to regulate the ...

Resident care

Better dementia-related info is needed for families: report

Even with advance directives in place, family members making decisions for end-stage dementia patients struggle with the trajectory of the condition, suggests a small study ...

Feds seek tornado shelters for residents

The deadly tornado that destroyed a Missouri nursing home three years ago showed that long-term care facilities need to have specially designed shelter areas, says ...

Ask the treatment expert

Ask the treatment expert ... about measuring wounds

What is your advice about measuring wounds?

Wound care

Vibration holds promise for wounds, researchers discover

Diabetic foot ulcers and other chronic wounds might heal more quickly if they are exposed to gentle vibrations, according to new research from the University ...

Ask the nursing expert

Ask the nursing expert ... about choosing an EHR system

With so many electronic health records out there, how do we find the best one for our nurses?


Survey says 'faking' feelings may bring on nurse burnout

Nurses who don't have a natural ability to control their emotions and who feel like they're regularly "faking" feelings at work are more likely to ...

Lighter work is little help for retention

Engaging late-career nurses in special projects while reducing their load of physically or psychologically demanding tasks can improve their perception of managers, but it doesn't ...

Ask the payment expert

Ask the payment expert ... about quality of care and reimbursements

Many states are at the forefront of pay for performance initiatives. These tie payment incentives to quality measurements and outcomes. These programs are encouraged by ...

Payment & policy

Hospice, curative care paid together in new program

Seniors will not have to stop curative care to receive hospice benefits under a new demonstration program, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently ...

Penalty process explained

A long-term care facility that has been slapped with a civil monetary penalty has 10 days to file for an independent informal dispute resolution process, ...

Ask the legal expert

Ask the legal expert ... about liability for violent crimes

With some of the violent outsider crimes committed at nursing homes lately, what should we do to legally protect ourselves?

Legal Matters

First hepatitis C lawsuit filed over North Dakota outbreak

The first of what could be numerous legal complaints against HCRManorCare has been filed in relation to a hepatitis outbreak in North Dakota last year.

Nurse wins $500k award after slipping

The importance of maintaining safe, dry flooring in a nursing home was the focal point of a recently decided lawsuit involving a Rhode Island facility.


Steady as she grows

New Wisconsin Veterans Home ramps up slowly and it pays off; heavy timber, limestone and unobstructed views give facility distinct character

How to do it…

How to do it ... Choosing a good financial advisor

The trust a long-term care organization places in a person to guide and consult on its finances is no less important than the trust the ...

A day in the life

App tracks dementia day to day

Getting insight into the daily life of someone with dementia often is a difficult goal for family members who are not nearby. There's now help ...

Couldn't live without

I couldn't live without ... HydroWorx's therapy pool

It's not hard to get seniors into the water to perform aquatic therapy with the HydroWorx therapy pool at her facility, says Katie O'Shea, PT, ...


HHS says providers should use tool for risk assessment

The HHS Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and Office for Civil Rights are making a new security risk assessment tool available to ...


Of tired mice and men

Just so you know, I've been pulling two, 12-hour shifts of living per day for the past 53 years, and I'm exhausted. I work when ...

Company news

Nursing rates and prices hit historic highs, reports show

The rates nursing home charge and the prices they fetch on the market have hit new highs, reports reveal.

Value is new SNF mandate

Long-term care operators will face additional pressure to improve, said William Shrank, Ph.D., chief scientific officer for CVS/Caremark.

BusinessBriefs May 2014

» Compass Health has agreed to a $1.1 million settlement in a class action lawsuit alleging that the skilled nursing provider did not pay overtime ...

IT update

ITUpdate May 2014

» The Department of Health and Human Services released a draft report on a health information technology framework on April 3. It proposes three health ...

Vendor news

New device may help those with tremors eat and drink

A handheld electronic device may allow patients to overcome shaky hands caused by essential tremor, according to a new study from the University of Michigan ...

Logo color affects buyer perceptions

The combination of blue, yellow or red logos for many long-term care companies may not be an accident, according to new study results from the ...

CompanyBriefs May 2014

» Caremerge LLC unveiled plans in April for a partnership with Care Technology Systems. Data and alerts from the latter's sensors can be combined with ...

The big picture

The Babysitter Problem

It took me decades to unravel, but I think I finally figured out why my parents had nine children.

Editor’s desk

McKnight's Tech Awards here again to honor you

Hidden gems are often the best kind. They surprise us and keep us hopeful and optimistic for the future. This is how I feel about ...


Profile: A rare bird in Congress

When Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) was around 4 years old, she asked for a doctor's kit. But growing up in a working class family in ...