June 2012 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

June 2012 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

June 2012


LTC providers looking for more leaders

A new rise in healthcare jobs is good news for executives in senior care, an expert told McKnight's.

Survey expert gives insight on common deficiencies

A nursing home survey expert gave providers a tip sheet to the most common deficiencies — and how to avoid them — in the first ...

McKnight's earns more awards

McKnight's Long-Term Care News was named the Gold Award winner for Best News Coverage in the annual ASHPE Awards. The top honor — McKnight's 12th ...

Refine quality to gain better image: leaders

Long-term care providers face negative perceptions and should focus on quality measurements to combat unfair portrayals, association executives said in May.

Bone drugs' safety doubted

A new U.S. Food and Drug Administration analysis raises questions about long-term effectiveness among women of the widely prescribed osteoporosis drugs known as bisphosphonates.

Berries boost memory: study

Strawberry and blueberry consumption has been linked to slower rates of memory loss.

Antipsychotics use assailed

Nearly one-fourth of U.S. nursing homes are giving residents more antipsychotic drugs than federal guidelines recommend, a Boston Globe analysis says.

Disruption feared if ACA is struck down

Skilled nursing operators are among the many providers waiting — and worrying — about whether the U.S. Supreme Court will scrap the healthcare reform law ...

State News

State News: Ombudsman conflict over LTC executives

Consumer advocates in Kansas are concerned about a series of decisions by Gov. Sam Brownback (R) to appoint nursing home industry veterans to high-level Department ...


Clean goes green

Eco-friendly infection control practices are catching on in long-term care. Their pursuit is beneficial for the environment and residents alike.

A growing challenge

Time has taught therapists much about helping bariatric patients. Special routines, equipment and care strategies have evolved to improve care.

60 Seconds with...

60 Seconds with...Robyn Stone

With all the work going on around integrated care and managed care for dual eligibles, we're trying to show the potential with models integrating supportive ...

Ask the care expert

Ask the care expert: Where can I learn more about OBRA 87?

Having been a director of nursing before, during and after OBRA, I can tell you, "We have come a long way, baby." The best document ...

Resident care

Age difference can determine nursing home admission risks

Age difference is likely the reason for women being more apt than men to become nursing home residents, new research indicates.

Ask the treatment expert

Ask the treatment expert: Should treatment nurses be certified?

I am definitely a proponent of education for treatment nurses. Continuing education is significantly important to all of us in long-term care, but especially for ...

Wound care

Higher wound care costs are driving treatment research

As wound care treatment costs continue to escalate, an unprecedented effort is underway to learn more about the ways wounds develop and can be best ...

NAWC to launch bimonthly e-publication

The National Alliance of Wound Care has announced the launch of a new publication, the Wound Care Advisor.

Ask the nursing expert

Ask the nursing expert: How can I learn to write a Plan of Correction?

I learned how to write the Plan of Correction from a more seasoned director of nursing colleague of mine. Odds are there is somebody you ...


Study: Quality measures are needed for end-of-life care

As the number of people who choose nursing homes for end-of-life care continues to rise, more quality measures are needed to help consumers judge performance, ...

Disaster plans filled with holes, feds say

While most U.S. nursing homes have adequate written plans for managing natural disasters, many have significant gaps in preparedness and response, a government report finds.

Ask the legal expert

Ask The Legal Expert: Should facilities sue low-performing foodservice suppliers?

We have an outside food management company and lately, frankly, they've done a lousy job. We're thinking about suing them — good idea or bad ...

Legal Matters

Court approves another pact that siphons facility residents

In another strike against the traditional nursing home census base, a federal judge in Maine has approved a class-action lawsuit settlement that lets those with ...

IRS aims to collect from ex-LTC executive

The Internal Revenue Service is attempting to recoup $8 million from a convicted former Rhode Island nursing home executive, signaling a warning to providers that ...

Pursuing excellence

Smart Money: Diversify with caution

Harvard's endowment has been famous for investing to generate enormous gains. From 1990 to 2005, the investment returns averaged 15% per year, growing the assets ...

Having my say

Planting the seeds

For the first time in years, I have dirt under my nails. No, I'm not confessing a personal hygiene problem. I've simply become a gardener. ...


A room with a view

Developers of the Households at Levindale show they knew how to see things differently when designing their skilled nursing facility.

How to do it…

How to do it...wound care

Since 1995, negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) has used controlled sub-atmospheric pressure to remove fluids and infectious materials from a wound while stimulating the formation ...

A day in the life

A Day in the Life: Resident hiring panels go with gut

Administrator Leslie Pedtke considers herself just another visitor when she goes to work each day in Aviston, IL. Her workplace, Aviston Countryside Manor, is her ...

I couldn't live without...

I couldn't live without...McKesson Mobile Manager

Prior to adopting McKesson's Mobile Manager, Bob Lassen, the clinical director of pharmacies for Five Star Senior Living, says he and other pharmacists at the company ...


Data analysis doesn't always lead to good choices: report

Long-term care operators are increasing their commitment to gathering, storing, accessing and analyzing data. But many firms fail to harness that data in ways that ...

Resident care

Study: Single boomers will challenge LTC

The high number of single baby boomers could put stress on long-term care resources, new research suggests.

Company news

Sabra on an upswing

Moody's Investors Service upgraded Sabra Health Care REIT in mid-April after the long-term care landlord posting its second-best performance in the first quarter, with a ...

Company Briefs, June 2012

Company Briefs for June 2012

The big picture

Perhaps not so different

I recently had the pleasure and privilege of moderating an industry panel that focused largely on operators' main concerns.

Editor’s desk

Answer to 'the question': McKnight's new awards

Do you and your colleagues do good work? Of course you do. But why is that? You care for your residents. Check. You care about ...


Reader Poll June 2012

"What professional development steps have been helpful to you and your staff?"


This 'car on perpetual roll

Robin Arnicar has been on an accelerated life plan. By age 6, she knew she wanted to be a nurse. By 17, she had started ...