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Category: Drug Distribution/Medication Systems

Category: Drug Distribution/Medication Systems

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Gold Companies

PharMerica Corporation

With every prescription we fill, PharMerica employs cost-saving technologies including electronic solutions that help facilities significantly lower cost while increasing the quality of care. We provide 24x7 access to pharmacy professionals, timely medication delivery and advanced on-site dispensing systems to assure medication availability at any time of day or night.

Guardian Pharmacy Services

Guardian understands that pharmacy service is more than just filling prescriptions – it’s about providing the best possible care to your residents. Our mission is to empower you and your community staff with pharmacy resources that ensure each resident gets the medications they need, when they need them. Our expert ...

Remedi SeniorCare

With the introduction of PAXIT® in 2009, Remedi SeniorCare has become a leading long-term care pharmacy. PAXIT is Remedi’s proprietary 24-hour, unit-dose dispensing system specifically designed to drive efficiency with medication administration, reduce medication waste, and improve nursing satisfaction. Along with PAXIT, My Remedi® is a real-time medication management portal. It is a ...


Omnicare®, a CVS Health® company

Comprehensive pharmacy services including electronic solutions that simplify medication management and connect you to pharmacists when you need them. Omnicare pharmacy delivers cost-saving programs designed to manage your drug spend with a wide range of practical, innovative solutions to meet your unique needs.