Also in the news for September 10, 2014 . . .

DOJ launches elder abuse website with resources for working with victims ... CNA and her daughter stole $60,000 from nursing home resident, authorities charge

Government plan calls for increased surveillance, prosecution to combat elder abuse


Elder abuse is inflicted upon many of the more than 2 million Americans in long-term care settings, and more oversight is needed, according to a government report published Wednesday.

Pharmacy owner pleads guilty to paying nursing homes for unused meds in $2 million scheme


A pharmacy owner in Louisiana bribed nursing home workers to return unused medications, then repackaged and resold them, according to allegations in a $2.2 million Medicare fraud case, state and federal authorities recently announced.

Pest control company pleads guilty to misapplying poison and cover-up in nursing homes


The owner of a pest control company has pleaded guilty to endangering nursing home residents by improperly applying a pesticide and engaging in a cover-up, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Friday.

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