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Nurse Rosie Products

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Rosie SmartMeter is the only blood glucose monitoring system that combines GDH-FAD test strips with NFC technology to provide convenience and accuracy for your skilled nursing facility.  Rosie SmartMeter is designed to deliver precise blood glucose readings with easy and comfortable testing.  This compact meter requires a small .5 µL blood sample, and only 5 seconds for results.  Our system also offers affordable, individually, foil-wrapped GDH-FAD strips as well as the standard vial of strips to ensure precise glucose readings and reduce contamination. Near Field Communication (NFC) allows Rosie SmartMeter to communicate with RosieConnect 2.0 to wirelessly send glucose reading directly to your EMR.

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RosieConnect 2.0 debuts

Nurse Rosie Products has released RosieConnect 2.0, the company's HIPAA compliant, flagship patient monitoring system.