Coolest website discovered

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Coolest website discovered
Coolest website discovered

In this era of information overload, I love it when something stops me in my tracks. One of the curses of the Internet, frankly, is it has multiplied the amount of the inane that is publicly disseminated.

That's why my new favorite website is one for therapists. Its name? Why, of course.

Now there's a group with a good sense of humor. The best thing is, the first time I saw the name, I thought I had a good idea what the site could be about. And I was right.

Many organizations and companies are afraid to go out on a limb or risk using any name but the obvious. There are good reasons for this. After all, they are dealing with their livelihoods.

But I also feel the need to slap someone's back and give a good “attaboy” (or “attagirl”) to whoever came up with The congenial attitude it conveys tells me I want to be associated with these people, even if just vicariously. And it still serves its business purpose well. I haven't fully checked out the website yet, but I know I will. Mission accomplished if you're a website looking for eyeballs.

There are other really clever website names out there. Which have you come across? Has anything come close to the ingenuity of

Please let us know below in the “add new comment” box. Leave the URL and add a little info about them if you can. You might just make someone's day.


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