Daily Editors' Notes

Daily Editors’ Notes

Examining the ‘manel’ in LTC

All industries, long-term care included, love panels during conferences. The hope is for a dynamic conversation, one where no one will dominate the discussion and those in the audience will feel engaged.
James M. Berklan

It’s about time providers got more credit

James M. Berklan We hear it all the time: When it comes to technology, healthcare is way behind compared to other industries. And when you bring skilled nursing into the picture? Oh, brother, forget it. They’re the behind of the behind. I believe the labels of inadequacy are overblown, or at least framed wrong, and…

Veteran provider tires of ‘all sticks and no carrots’

James M. Berklan The Liistro family has been involved in long-term care for longer than many readers of this blog have been alive. When you get to 50 years, you need to keep counting. They’ve been very good years for the most part, but the latest round of regulatory goalpost-shifting has the company CEO banging…
Elizabeth Newman, Senior Editor

Cameras highlight new ethical challenges

Elizabeth Newman Before I had a child, I know I rolled my eyes at parents who installed cameras in stuffed animals in order to monitor their babysitter. While I still would never do that, I’ve become more sympathetic to those who worry about their loved ones, especially when those family members aren’t able to talk.…
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