Snoezelen, not snoozing, at 100

Snoezelen, not snoozing, at 100


It's noteworthy that the Taylor Care Center in Jacksonville, FL, recently marked the 100th birthday of two residents by inviting an Elvis impersonator to perform. More remarkable: The event celebrated 42 residents who are at least 90.

Genes play larger role than habits in longevity for centenarians, study says

Genes may be more likely to increase longevity than diet, exercise, smoking and drinking, new research suggests.

Web-savvy centenarian passes away, thousands notified via Twitter

More than 60,000 Twitter users learned about the death of 104-year-old Ivy Bean Tuesday night. The North England nursing home resident is believed to be among the oldest in the world to use the social networking site.

Certain genetic variants may predict extreme longevity, study finds

If you live to be 100, there is a good chance you have a particular set of genetic variants.

World's oldest person dies

Kama Chinen, the oldest person in the world, died Sunday at the age of 114 years, a little more than one week shy of her 115th birthday.