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Ready for a makeover

Ready for a makeover

It's imperative to roll out an appeal for new long-term care digs in the right way, starting with a master plan, and a strategy to minimize disruption to residents

Dressings provide an alternative to NPWT

When it comes to treating chronic lesions such as postsurgical or stage IV pressure ulcers, one of the most effective treatments is negative pressure wound therapy.

New software confirms it: Getting old costs a fortune

New software is helping financial advisors advise clients on their long-term care plans.

Telemonitoring savings are not significant, study finds

Despite new research suggesting that a majority of U.S. adults - 56% - now embrace using a connected device at home to monitor health and share data with caregivers, telemedicine may not be the savior some forecast it to be, according to a study by Mayo Clinic and Purdue University scientists.

RAC battles move forward

The debate over whether Recovery Audit Contractor audits are an incentive-laced system of provider harassment or a necessary tool to redistribute misspent Medicare funds continues. Neither side appears to be backing down

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