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Telemonitoring savings are not significant, study finds

Despite new research suggesting that a majority of U.S. adults - 56% - now embrace using a connected device at home to monitor health and share data with caregivers, telemedicine may not be the savior some forecast it to be, according to a study by Mayo Clinic and Purdue University scientists.

RAC battles move forward

The debate over whether Recovery Audit Contractor audits are an incentive-laced system of provider harassment or a necessary tool to redistribute misspent Medicare funds continues. Neither side appears to be backing down

Profile: Ed McMahon, Ph.D.

Profile: Ed McMahon, Ph.D.

When he's not busy working to improve the quality of life of residents at Sunrise Senior Living's more than 300 assisted living communities, Ed McMahon, Ph.D., can often be found perfecting his recipe for mulligatawny soup or planning his next trip overseas with Wade, his husband of 30 years.

Custom chair cushions might aid spinal cord injury patients

Custom chair cushions might aid spinal cord injury patients

Wheelchair cushions designed to adjust to a person's size and form can help redistribute pressure and provide support for activities of daily living for patients with spinal cord injuries, report scientists at the Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitación (Rehabilitation National Institute) in Mexico City.

Molecule found to prevent wound healing

Researchers have identified a molecule that may explain why wound healing is impaired in people with diabetes. The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine investigators also offer a possible new target for therapies that could improve healing.

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