Why I chose to join the nursing home profession: A new administrator's story

Why I chose to join the nursing home profession: A new administrator's story

When my grandmother died, I didn't know anything about the medical field, nursing homes or taking care of people. What I did know, though, was that I could do better than the care she received.

 Awake for a cure

Awake for a cure


At this point in the search for a cure for Alzheimer's, each glimmer of hope seems to come with a looming cloud of probable disappointment — and the question, "Will I get it someday?" never seems far from our collective consciousness. Or at least from mine

Parkinson's drug shows some promise for treating Alzheimer's psychosis


A drug approved for use in controlling hallucinations and delusions in Parkinson's patients showed mix results in a trial among Alzheimer's sufferers.

Lawsuit seeks $50 million from nursing home, police who blinded Alzheimer's resident with pepper-spray


The estate of an Alzheimer's patient who was pepper-sprayed, arrested and hospitalized after a wandering incident is suing his nursing home and the local police department for $50 million.

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Washington considers payroll deduction to fund long-term care insurance ... Citing high risk of fraud, Medicare extends ban on new home health agencies in six states ... Review shows aerobic exercise can delay Alzheimer's symptoms

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The anti- antipsychotics message might not be getting through to LTC nurses ... New research solidifies connection between high-sugar diet and cognitive decline ... Aid-in-dying movement pushes into new states

Potential Alzheimer's treatment creating quite a buzz

A new study suggests that marijuana might be an effective way to treat residents with Alzheimer's disease.

Study strengthens diabetes-Alzheimer's link


Washington University School of Medicine researchers believe they have found closer definitive links between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease after discovering elevated blood glucose levels stimulate the chemical culprit in the formation of AD's characteristic brain "plaques."

Biogen shortens name, raises hopes

Biogen Idec, which was heralded last week for results of an Alzheimer's drug trial, has shortened its name and chosen a new logo. It will now be known as Biogen (Nasdag: BIIB).

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Alzheimer's care is split evenly between homes and facilities, survey finds


About half of people with Alzheimer's reside at a facility and half are being cared for at home, suggest newly released survey results.

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Breakthrough could pave the way for a single-drug treatment of Alzheimer's, researchers say ... Mild brain injuries increases dementia risk in older adults ... Men who self-report sleep disturbances have higher Alzheimer's risk

Moderate alcohol consumption staves off dementia in seniors


Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol might preserve cognition in people over the age of 60, according to recently published findings in the American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias.

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Long-term care executive directors lack knowledge of how oral health impacts diseases ... Alzheimer's Association announces $600,000 in grants to investigate non-drug treatments ... Extra-depth shoes ease seniors' foot pain

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HIPAA authorization forms do not have be signed voluntarily to be valid, judge rules ... Aluminum exposure 'inevitably' contributes to Alzheimer's, researcher says ... Judge holds assisted living owners in contempt for retaliating against workers

Therapeutic program reverses Alzheimer's memory loss, UCLA researcher says


An intensive therapy regimen involving medication, diet and behavioral changes successfully reversed Alzheimer's-related memory loss in a first-of-its-kind trial, according to findings out of the University of California, Los Angeles.

Calming meds fuel dementia


Long-term use of drugs commonly used to treat anxiety and insomnia increased the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease by as much as 51%.

Residents with Alzheimer's might forget poor care but the emotional damage is lasting, study shows


A nursing home resident with Alzheimer's might forget receiving poor or negligent care, but the bad feelings created by ill treatment still could persist, University of Iowa researchers say.

More than 50% of dementia patients in nursing homes are given potentially pointless and dangerous drugs when near death, study finds

More than 50% of dementia patients in nursing homes are given potentially pointless and dangerous drugs when near death, study finds


Nursing homes administer largely pointless and potentially harmful drugs to a majority of residents with advanced dementia, according to findings in Jama Internal Medicine.

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Inspectors cite LA nursing homes for dangerous practices but supervisors change reports to benefit facilities ... Feds join whistleblower suit charging that hospice billed for ineligible patients ... Magnetic pulses to the head could boost memory in people with Alzheimer's, Northwestern researchers say

Familiar songs ease Alzheimer's: study


Singing familiar songs may encourage conversation among people with Alzheimer's disease, a small study shows.

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OH Supreme Court hears case of woman who transferred property then paid for nursing home through Medicaid ... Nursing home video education project part of new $19 million round of NIH funding ... Researchers identify neuron issue leading to Alzheimer's sleep issues, may lead to new therapies

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AHCA announces Gold National Quality Award recipients ... Older adults' cognition peaks in the morning ... DNA alteration linked to Alzheimer's

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Mild cognitive impairment quadruples risk of Alzheimer's ... UK health system testing antipsychotic medication patch ... Nursing home worker admits stealing from resident trust funds ... Genworth reviewing LTC insurance claims reserves

Cataract surgery, singing can improve quality of life and cognitive ability of Alzheimer's patients, studies find


Cataract surgery improves cognition and singing familiar songs improves communication skills in people with dementia, according to recently announced research findings.

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Certain lights ease dementia


Certain lights may improve quality of life for residents with Alzheimer's and other types of dementia, according to a new study.

LaSalle Group constructs $9.5M memory care community in OK

The LaSalle Group has announced the construction of a 30,000-square-foot, $9.5 million memory care community designed for Alzheimer's and dementia residents.