Also in the news for September 2, 2014 . . .

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Click the links to learn more: Inspectors cite LA nursing homes for dangerous practices but supervisors change reports to benefit facilities ... Feds join whistleblower suit charging that hospice billed for ineligible patients ... Magnetic pulses to the head could boost memory in people with Alzheimer's, Northwestern researchers say

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Dignity Award Gold won by Archie Hendricks Sr. SNF

Dignity Award Gold won by Archie Hendricks Sr. ...

A skilled nursing facility that sits on a Native American reservation has taken Gold in the Dignity category for the third annual McKnight's Excellence in Technology Awards.

Therapeutic program reverses Alzheimer's memory loss, UCLA researcher says

An intensive therapy regimen involving medication, diet and behavioral changes successfully reversed Alzheimer's-related memory loss in a first-of-its-kind trial, according to findings out of the University of California, Los Angeles.

Employee cleared of sexual assault charges wins $1 million defamation suit against ...

A former assisted living worker in South Carolina has received a $1 million award after being falsely accused of trying to sexually assault a resident, according to local news sources.